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Turning science into industrial reality
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dry yeast and nutrients for first generation fuel ethanol
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Beta Renewables’ 40.000 tons per year cellulosic ethanol production facility in Crescentino, Italy
The world’s first commercial scale 2G fuel ethanol plant.
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solutions for bio-based chemicals
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reach new fementation heights
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tailor-made fermentation solutions

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1G Fuel Ethanol

From yeast selection to onsite training Leaf Technologies offers first generation fuel ethanol producers a global fermentation approach to maximize the efficiency and profitability.

2G Fuel Ethanol

Leaf Technologies was the first to supply a C5 yeast for full scale lignocellulosic fuel ethanol production.

Renewable Chemicals.

Capitalizing on our experience in renewable fuels and with the back up of Lesaffre’s fermentation and genetics expertise, Leaf Technologies develops fermentation solutions for bio-based chemicals producers.

Toll Manufacturing

Leaf Technologies also provides its expertise and technology to its industrial partners for the manufacturing of their own yeast strain.

Company Overview

We are the business unit of Lesaffre specialized in developing advanced fermentation products for the first & second generation fuel ethanol as well as renewable chemicals industries. Our focus is to offer value-added fermentation solutions to exceed the technical and economical expectations of our partners worldwide.

Our Products

Cellux™ is Leaf Technologies selected yeast for lignocellulosic fuel ethanol production.
#1 yeast among first generation ethanol producers, Ethanol Red® tolerates high ethanol levels and is ideal for the production of industrial ethanol from starch substrates with a final ethanol concentration of up to 18% (v/v).
A very robust yeast strain capable of fermenting various substrates (molasses, C-starch, grains) at different temperatures from 25C to 35C.
Hybrid yeast selected for its superior fermentation kinetic, temperature resistance and alcohol tolerance. Recommended on both sugar (thick juices of various compositions) and starch substrates.
Yeast nutrient complex based on the synergies between organic & mineral nitrogen and vitamins. Its formula was specifically developed to enhance yeast growth and secure alcoholic fermentations.